aboutus | Fashion House "Marusya"

MARUSYA creates furs for women aspiring to perfection, they are always assured of themselves, are dynamical, bright and sensual


Our furs not only intrigue clients with the faultless quality, they amaze with unusual combinations of materials, an ideal cut and originality.


Unexpected combinations of furs, skin, the most thin lace, executed by talented masters, give to all things MARUSYA the unique character, all it allows our clients to underline own uniqueness.



It is easy to spot in tailoring knowledge, meant as the quintessence of technique and style, the epitome of professionalism in the Moscow brand. Leadership provided by Marusya, , has made it possible to fully achieve the best of handmade highly refined fur clothing.


Russia has always been famous for its furs. And still played a huge role in the global market fur raw materials. The executive expressiveness of chief Marina Ilchenko is close to art: we need 50 to 70 hours to make a fur coat. Each tailor is dedicated to a single step. Cutting techniques are absolutely unique.


Highly strict control of all stages, that begins with verification to receipt of kind material. Any imperfection, even microscopic, conditions the ever sought perfection. We proceed with the intermediate inspection after each phase.


Only this thoroughness of execution and control of handmade production processes can ensure the absolute quality, which is unparalleled, and has always been a source of pride for those who produce and, even more, for those who wear garments labelled Marusya